COBDEN Cruisers
This year, our 50/50 draw for charity had a new and exciting twist.  The winner of the nightly draw would select one playing card from a 52 card deck.  If the player selects the ACE OF SPADES, they win the Jack Pot.  If the ACE is not selected, the Jack Pot is added to the following week thus making it a progressive raffle.

The ACE stayed hidden until the very last night when it had to go.  On the last night, September 14,  Sharon Jaremkow found the ACE and won $970!!  Renfrew Hospice also was a winner and received a donation from the Cobden Cruisers totaling $1000!
Sharon Jaremkow, a regular at the Cruise-in, receives her $970 winnings from organizer Eric Dagg.

Pictured is Eric Dagg of the Cruisers presenting a $1000 cheque to Sandra McGregor and staff of Hospice Renfrew